Online Order Prepayment

Looking for less wait time and a more convenient, contactless payment process for your online orders?

Introducing online ACH prepayments for delivery and pickup orders!

No cash or change needed, and completely safe and secure.

Have a question about ACH Prepayment? Find some commonly asked questions below, or contact us.

ACH Prepayment Details

How does it work?

If you have ordered delivery or pickup from TWC before, you will be familiar with the texts you recieve that keep you updated on your order status. Now when you order, you will simply receive an additional text that contains a link to an ACH payment processing form. The first time you click this link, you will need to enter your account information to pay for your order total. For any following orders, you just need to click the prepay link in your order texts, and your payment information willl be saved to your account for even quicker payments.

Do I need to enter my bank account information every time I purchase?

Nope! Customer information is saved in your account, so while you'll need to log-in to your TWC account each time you purchase for security reasons, you won’t need to complete the full sign-up process for ACH payment after your first transaction.

Is my banking information secure?

Yes, confidential customer banking details are not accessible by our dispensary or POS.

Is there a fee?

Yes. There is a small convenience fee of $2.50 per transaction.

How is the transaction processed?

Payments via Stronghold run on the ACH network. ACH payments are electronic bank-to-bank payments that allow a merchant to debit directly from a customer’s account once the customer approves the transaction. This is a secure transaction and one that ensures the customer has the final approval on all transactions.