As the original cannabis dispensary in Lake Tahoe, our roots are founded in providing safe access of cannabis to our community. Providing a safe space to consume cannabis is paramount to safe access, we are beyond excited to welcome everyone over the age of 21 to our lounge open daily 2 p.m. - 9 p.m. We offer a variety of services in a comfortable lounge style environment. We offer a variety of cannabis beverages, as well as many different smoking utensils, and our legacy hash bar! Step into our lounge and consume any of the world class cannabis products that we provide, we offer a curated menu that is provided table side, you're always welcome to purchase any product from the dispensary and consume it within the lounge.

Rental Dab Accessories and Smoking Devices

We offer a variety of accessories to sample your favorite cannabis products in our relaxing lounge. An assortment of bongs, dab rigs, Puffco’s, Carta, and Stundenglass. Accessories are cleaned back to new after each use. Inquire for rental fees and guidelines.

One of California's Oldest Dispensaries and Tahoe’s premier Dispensary and Consumption Lounge

Tahoe Wellness Center was founded in 2009 opening our doors on day one with consumption as part of our operation, we pride ourselves on being one of the original and top cannabis lounges in California. We have evolved in our fifteen years as our lounge now offers table service. We offer our patrons with an array of options to enjoy cannabis at its best quality, from top-shelf flower and prerolls, to infused beverages, vape cartridges, and concentrates. Our state-of-the-art air conditioning and HVAC system ensures you can indulge in your chosen products in a comfortable, fresh, and odor-free environment. Whether you are looking to get off your feet after a long hike, or want to socialize with friends, or explore the diverse world of cannabis, Tahoe Wellness Center is the place to be in Lake Tahoe!

Lounge Rules

Failure to comply with these rules will result in expulsion from the lounge.

To gain entry to the lounge:

A purchase is required to use the lounge. No tobacco, alcohol, or outside cannabis is allowed. Patrons that are noticeably intoxicated will be denied entry. Please leave your receipt on the table for the duration of your visit.