Toke Talk with C&H

Tahoe Wellness Center x KRLT

Tune in weekly to hear Tahoe Wellness Center Owner and local City Council Member Cody Bass, and KRLT’s Howie Nave discuss all things cannabis. Live Tuesday mornings on KRLT on FM 93.9 or License # C12-0000002-LIC

9 Aug 50 min

Howie and Cody talk about Cannabis research that is finally underway

9 Aug 50 min

Cody and Howie talk about various strains and forms of cannabis

26 Jun 50 min

Cody and Howie talk about taxes and cannabis; the ongoing saga

3 May 50 min

Cody and Howie talk about laws, lounges and New Orleans...

19 Apr 50 min

The 420 edition for 2023 is full of surprises that you wont want to miss as Cody unveils the changes and...

19 Apr 50 min

Cody and Howie commiserate about the long long winter and what a great summer it is going to be and Cody...

22 Mar 50 min

Cody calls in from Thailand to tell Howie whats going on in the future and the usual hilarity ensues

22 Mar 50 min

After several weeks of relentless snowfall Cody and Howie were able to have a Toke Talk to talk it all over

16 Feb 50 min

Cody was only able to check in for a few minutes and missed last week due to travel all together. Such is life!

3 Feb 50 min

Cody talks with Howie about his Mayor Pro-Temp gig and the new crop that has just been harvested and the...

2 Feb 50 min

Cody and Howie chat about how great the start of the skiing and riding season has been and the re-opening of...