People’s Choice Cannabis Cup

People’s Choice Cannabis Cup

The results are in!

Tahoe Wellness Center is excited to announce the winners and placements for this year’s 10th Annual People’s Choice Cannabis Cup.  It was a unique and enjoyable cup with some great, high quality cannabis and some difficult judging decisions!  Much appreciation to all of our cup participants and judges – we hope you enjoyed the judging process as much as we did!  To our brand friends new and old, we wish you continued success with your craft, and thanks for a memorable cup.

Peace and Love and Happy 420!

Congratulations to the top cup winners:

Ember Valley (Krusty) – 1st Place

Pigeon Racer Farm (Groundskeeper Willie) – 2nd Place

Binske (Moe) – 3rd Place

How did your scoring match up to the results?

1st Place 7.69/10
2nd Place 7.62/10
3rd Place 7.56/10
4th Place 7.49/10
5th Place 7.41/10
6th Place 7.39/10
7th Place 7.35/10
8th Place 7.33/10
9th Place 7.31/10
10th Place 7.30/10
11th Place 7.28/10
12th Place 7.18/10
13th Place 7.08/10
14th Place 7.02/10
15th Place 7.01/10
16th Place 7.00/10
17th Place 6.97/10
18th Place 6.95/10
19th Place 6.93/10
20th Place 6.86/10
21st Place 6.81/10
22nd Place 6.73/10
23rd Place 6.69/10
24th Place 6.61/10
25th Place 6.60/10
26th Place 6.45/10
27th Place 6.41/10
28th Place 6.34/10

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  1. Steven

    Can I get out on the email list so I don’t miss the people’s cup in 23

    1. Jasmine Enerson

      Hi Steven, send an email to and she will get you added to the email list. She will just need your first and last name and the email you would like to add. Thank you!

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