Cannabis with a Cause: Farmer and the Felon

Cannabis with a Cause: Farmer and the Felon

Cannabis with a Cause: Farmer and the Felon

At Tahoe Wellness Center, not only do we carry the best in quality that cannabis has to offer, we focus on companies that use their brand reach and voice to support causes that deserve attention.

This week we look at Farmer and the Felon – a CannaCraft owned company focused on bringing awareness to injustices of cannabis prohibition.

The progression that led to today’s cannabis industry did not just happen; it was earned by those who trudged through unknown territory – wrought with stress and struggle – so that we could enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabis today.

Having experienced the fight for themselves, and recognizing the need to bring light to those still affected, CannaCraft co-founders Dennis Hunter and Ned Fussell began Farmer and the Felon. At a time when we are all lucky enough to see the cannabis industry thriving, Farmer and the Felon aims to provide a platform for those affected by the persecution of cannabis, to reconnect today’s cannabis industry with its’ roots, and to honor and fight for those who were keystone in pushing industry evolution.

With Dennis Hunter as one of the founding members of Last Prisoner Project (and through continued donations to the organization), and Ned Fussell as a core member of OSC2 (One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community), Farmer and the Felon is working each day for a world with a more sustainable cannabis industry without persecution.

Hear about the origins and story behind Farmer and the Felon from Dennis Hunter and Ned Fussell themselves by watching the video below, learn more at, and view Farmer and the Felon items available at TWC to support their cause.

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