Toke Talk 8/8/23

Toke Talk 8/8/23
Toke Talk


Howie (00:00):

Good morning. K r l T 93 9. The lake You are live on the radio and online worldwide. Sucker,

Cody (00:11):

<Laugh>, man. Oh, yes. That a good word. On the cannabis knowledge. Oh,

Howie (00:17):

Man, I, I, I was able to predict your moves this morning, even before you woke up. Yeah.

Cody (00:23):

Nice. Yeah, that’s right. For sure. Instead of a closed session. And you know, the break we gotta take after that.

Howie (00:27):

Oh, I know. I just saw the agenda, man. ’cause They, they send me the itinerary. It, it, it looks overwhelming. I don’t, I mean, I know off the air, off the record, I can’t say it ’cause we’re on the air <laugh>, but there’s gotta be times where you, you were tempted, like, look at this agenda. I and a, you know, it’s gonna go on forever, B Man, what’s a couple of hits just to get you through the first three hours, you know?

Cody (00:53):

Yeah. <laugh>, right. It’s definitely today is without a doubt, a packed agenda. And I mean, you know, again, I think that that thinking right for me, it does take my mind to slow down sometimes. But not to say that I use cannabis during the meetings, but it definitely helps helps my day get started. Right. And, and for a lot of people, I mean, I think that some of us, our minds move so fast that being able to slow it down helps us think better. And and without a doubt, sativa’s in the morning time definitely for me helped me get through the day in a much better way. So. Yep. Yeah. I, I support it, but I do not smoke cannabis during them

Howie (01:29):

I know you can’t do that. But that would be a really close session. They’d put you in a closet. Hey, so here’s what

Cody (01:35):


Howie (01:36):

Hey, don’t let him out till he is normal. Hey, so seriously, I’ve had times more than I want to admit where I can’t, I don’t know where I am now. I’m just kidding. Where, where my, I can’t get my mind to just shut off. I can’t get it to slow down. It’s like there’s a hamster in there going on that wheel nonstop. But I, I go, okay, try not to think of anything to do it. It’s, I don’t know where the off switch is on the mind sometimes. And it’s, it can, it can really wreak havoc when you just wanna just chill out and, and especially if you wanna go to sleep. So there, I know there’s a couple of remedies for that.

Cody (02:14):

Well, absolutely. And I, I mean, I think that’s where cannabis does become such a benefit to, to communities and society at large, is because it becomes an alternative to alcohol. Yeah. The pharmaceuticals, the things that people seek out to change their head, you know, I mean, I always say everybody needs a good head change at the end of the day or whatever, which for some people, they’re able to make that work just by taking a nice bike ride or Right, right. You know, making it, making it happen. ’cause You, you do, you get high through many other things than just substance. But cannabis as, as, and, and it’s not a substance, it’s an herb. It’s not a, it’s a, it’s a flower of a plant, but it, without a doubt, to me is, is, you know, one of the, he healthiest, safest ways you can get that head change. And it’s such a better alternative than so many other things that, that are what we offer in society. And like, look at alcohol, how commonly alcohol is offered at basically every place you go. That’s true. That’s, yeah. True. Okay. So it, it’s interesting.

Howie (03:09):

I mean, even have a happy hour named after it. I, I wish there was some, there’s no set phrase that I know of that’s like parallels a happy hour, like a, I don’t know, you know, a cannabis con cannabis comm or something.

Cody (03:23):

Well, we got four. We we got four 20 every day. Oh, that’s true. Twice a day. That’s true.

Howie (03:26):

Four 20, that’s, yeah. But that’s such a short amount of time. It’s hard to sometimes make it at Exactly at four 20, you know, so it’s, I i

Cody (03:35):

<Laugh> Yeah, we got four 19 and 4 21. You just a minute late. But,

Howie (03:39):

You know, it’s like, so as far as I, I always love chatting with you, but obviously there’s so many. I, I’ve now tr tried cannabis experimented as far as cooking. I’ve had the i, I substituted some cannabis liquid in my, when I was cycling from my, in my water bottle. But I had to, I had to plan that really carefully. ’cause I had to go over that Lake Tahoe mountain you know, that takes you over the top into fall and Leaf Lake that way. And, but, but on the way back I, that’s when I started drinking a lot. And I, it, it did feel good on the muscles, I have to admit. It did relax me. But then I, I started getting hungry and I didn’t bring any snacks. So I was like, before I got home, man, I had to stop at that Verity restaurant and start eating some good Mexican food.

Cody (04:26):

<Laugh>. Nice. Yep. And I mean, definitely cannabis as far as like, I would say something that’s gonna get you, you know, motivated to physical, to do physical activities. I mean, yeah, I say this in one, one realm, like going to the gym and working out cannabis may not be the biggest motivator, but for me, going on like a bi a bike ride going snowboarding, going on a hike, right? Those kind of things, the right strain of cannabis really does motivate me in the way of doing that. Now, an indica on the other hand is probably gonna want me to stay home and sit on the couch and watch TV and eat ice cream, you know, so it literally does come down to the cannabis that you choose to, to smoke and, and to use.

Howie (05:10):

I I I, I find it, I, I never could make the association between cannabis and snowboarding. I, I just don’t know how those two can go together. No, I’m just kidding. I could see exactly how those two could go together. Now as, as far as like when you were, that’s a great point about going to the gym and, and obviously you’re gonna be, you know, doing whatever free weights or whatnot or just doing the treadmill or whatever. But yeah, that’s probably not a good time for cannabis. ’cause Wouldn’t that burn out of your system if you’re doing all that workout as well, too? Wouldn’t that accelerate the process of it sweating out of your body?

Cody (05:44):

I mean, somewhat. Yeah. I think there’s that, that definitely your metabolism’s gonna gonna make your, you know, make your body move through it quicker. There’s no doubt. But the side about like, you know, I, I feel like, you know, when you go to a gym, you’ve gotta be somewhat disciplined and have a strong will. Which not to say that cannabis makes you undisciplined, however, it’s not something that like you’re excited to go do and your mind, I mean, some people are, but for instance, for me it’s a, it’s definitely like I gotta motivate myself to to go to the gym for an hour to work, to go snowboard. It’s a little, it’s a lot different of a, of a thing or even on a bike ride, right? It is. And, and if I’m a little bit, you know, if, if I smoke some cannabis, my mind is just a little bit more at ease and the, and it’s, yeah, it just makes the experience a little bit better for me. I

Howie (06:28):

Now, I’m really curious. I know they’ve done this with a, with medicine, but I, I don’t know if it’s ever been done with cannabis. Has cannabis ever been used in some type of experiments as a placebo? Because like right this morning, my stress level was kind of at moderate. It’s gotten a little bit better, you know, as the day goes on. But it, ’cause my head was always going all night, and then the stress level kind of increased. Don’t even throw in the anxiety in there. And that’s why the cynicism helps numb all the other crap going on in the world, especially when you have to deal with people. But I’m wondering if, if placebo I mean if cannabis has been used as a placebo, when you wanna de-stress yourself knowing you have to go to a meeting or you’re gonna, you have to see someone who’s, I don’t know, who’s kind of a dick, you know, but, but you have to see them for whatever reason. So I’m just wondering if, has they ever done an experiment where they gave you something but there was no effects, it really wasn’t cannabis, but you thought you were smoking cannabis, and then if that psychologically puts you in that mindset really smoking cannabis would get you to

Cody (07:32):

Yeah. Well, it’s gonna be interesting. I mean, so right now we’re finally seeing real medicinal scientific research being happening right around cannabis. And it’s really just in the last, like four years, because the d e a finally released like, I think it was 16 licenses. And before that we only had the University of Mississippi, a project called G 13 that was really G 13, designed by the Department of Justice to try to further explain the laws that they had made against cannabis. And, and the, the project that happened there in Mississippi for decades was was really, did not look at the true plant in all of the, the, you know, scientific properties that it can provide to us medicinally. And now we are starting to embark in that. And what’s gonna you’re, you’re gonna see happen is clinical trials as they start to develop, you know, certain formulas of cannabis and medicine and in those clinical trials, placebo and the placebo effect.


And all of that will be studied without a doubt. We’re seeing that right now with M D M A and oh really. The, the veterans, you know, the Veterans Hospital has actually approved the use of M D M A for P T S D with our vets that are coming back from war and battlefields and, and diff you know, different traumatic situations. And so they did through all those studies, did a lot of placebo studies throughout the, the M D M A trials. And so all of that stuff, as it comes forward and gets more accepted by the medicinal, you know, the medical society, we’ll definitely see those kind of studies take place. Because that’s what proves in a way or part of proving the medicine actually works.

Howie (09:10):

Now. Now I’ve noticed over the years, and, and I, I think you might back me up on this one ’cause I’ve gone to a couple of meetings where you were involved. We’re talking years ago, and I’ve noticed the medical community, I remember at first it seemed like there were a lot of physicians that were hesitant to really say what was on their minds. ’cause They were afraid they might be typecast profiled as, oh, you’re, you’re Dr. Pothead or whatnot, you know. But I’ve noticed a lot of doctors, prominent doctors too are coming out not a hundred percent maybe, but they’re agreeing with their, they’re open-minded enough, maybe ’cause they took a joint before they went to a meeting that, that, that there are medicinal really good medicinal pluses for taking cannabis. So I noticed if it takes more of the medical community to, to come around, maybe it’s the next generation of physicians being more open-minded, that it’ll, it’ll open the doors more. So there’s nothing taboo about pot. What,

Cody (10:09):

Yeah. No, I mean, it’s, it’s absolutely happened. And when, when we opened 14 and a half years ago, basically, that’s almost 15 years ago now, we in dealing with Barton locally at that time, you know, there, there was even policies way back then that like, if you used cannabis, you would use, you know, lose your Medi-Cal. Oh, wow. The, the Barton doctors, you know, highly recommend did not recommend it. They would say that they would turn, you know, children over to c p s if mothers were using cannabis, those kind of things that wow, were really intense. And, and it didn’t take too long, but it was within a few years. First it was a, a doctor that was, you know, definitely younger that came into Tahoe Wellness and approached us and, and said that, Hey, she has had many patients of hers that are telling her openly that they’re using cannabis and the relief that they’re getting from it.


Interesting. and she was kind of the first person to open that door. Wow. And since then, I mean, now I would say far and wide from most doctors especially for things like cancer, h I v right? Any real disease that, that cannabis provides such relief for most all doctors agree that there are benefits and, and they will interesting advise their patients to seek cannabis as a, as a use. And, and it’s gone much farther than just those very serious diseases to, to even things like alcoholism and and, and a way to, to really take people off of pharmaceutical drugs that the same Dr. May have got them on because of an injury or something. Cannabis is being recommended as a way to, to get yourself off of those kind of drugs. So yeah, it’s pretty amazing to see really quickly now in the larger hospitals like Kaiser or Sutter, you know, Sutter Health and those kind of places, right?


They have very strict policies across the, that relate more around they’re federally funded and this is still federally against the law and they cannot and will not recommend it. And pretty much even Barton, you know, is not gonna allow cannabis to be administered or brought into their hospital. And all of that revolves around the federal money that they receive in federal law. And, and something that, you know, policy wise that has to stay there till we, till we change federal law. However, a doctor absolutely has the right to recommend their patients use cannabis, they just can’t administer it, or they just recommend it. And that’s why Tahoe Wellness is there and, and what we’re able to provide and, and guide those patients through it. So it’s

Howie (12:32):

Interesting ’cause it, there’s no uniformity across the board. I mean, you might have, one hospital has a certain set of guidelines overall, maybe at the administrative level for former doctors who say no. And then other, and maybe other hospitals, maybe smaller or whatnot that aren’t behe, you know, beholden to like what they have to do. They, they’re more open minded of saying, well, let’s offer this as an option. Or at least let the patients know that they have a choice and let them go from there.

Cody (13:04):

Yeah, no, exactly. I mean, that, that’s kind of really the, the idea around having the, the dispensaries and, and, and having this set up. But the thing is that the doctors didn’t have any training or schooling or there’s no real research for them to rely on or to be able to even like, prescribe or recommend. And that’s why the culture, the movement of cannabis, the people like myself that have been involved in this for, you know, my lifetime, basically understand it at a, at a deeper level than the doctors do. And so that’s why there’s like a coming together of, you know, accepting that it is a good medicine and it, there is a culture around it. There already is a supply chain and a production around it. And, and kind of how those meld together. And that’s really the time that we’re in now.


And in the next five to 10 years we’re, we’re gonna see a lot kind of transpire around it and get to a point where there’s medicines that are derived by cannabis that are able to be administered in a hospital. And at that point huge benefits will, will come for the doctors and the medical society and, and all of us as a whole. So, really exciting times. And man, there’s, there’s so much. But Howie, I gotta cut it short a little bit ’cause it’s nine o’clock, right? And they’re gonna start Yeah. Trying to start the meeting without me, so I gotta

Howie (14:20):

Run. Yeah, no, no, but you can’t, you have to have a full quorum in there. Just, just look, you know, a little white out on the eyes and just go right in the meeting and boom.

Cody (14:28):

<Laugh>. That’s right. <Laugh>. Yep. Drop the visine on in. No. Alright. Alright.

Howie (14:35):

But have a fun day. Love, love chatting you man. For sure. Alright,

Cody (14:39):


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