Toke Talk with C&H

7.27 // Cannabis Concentration & Indica Vs. Sativa | North/West Shore Delivery! // Sonder & Potli Shrimp Chip Features

Tahoe Wellness Center x KRLT|
  • Concentration of cannabis, dosage and varying tolerances
    • Importance of individual dosing per package label
  • Cannabis for ease of anxiety and to improve creativity & productivity
  • Indica Vs. Sativa
  • Cannabis as a potential better option for some pharmaceuticals in wellness
  • Movement of acceptance of cannabis into medical industry
  • Brother David’s Demo Thursday 7/29 4-7pm
  • New Brand: Sonder Space Crystals – infused ‘pop rocks’ style candy
  • Introduction of Potli Infused Shrimp Chips
  • West/North Shore delivery – we’ll come to you!
  • NEW Tahoe Herb Collection Hash Infused Prerolls
  • Come into TWC anytime during business hours or call 530-544-8000 for any cannabis related needs or question. We’re here to help!