Papa’s Select | Quality Concentrates From Craft Cultivators

Papa’s Select | Quality Concentrates From Craft Cultivators


For Papa’s Select, Crafting their award-winning Ice Water Hash and artisanal rosin all begins with the soil and sun of northern California’s prestigious Emerald Triangle. The region’s rich agricultural conditions allowed legacy markets to exist, evolving into the freedoms granted today.


They use gentle agitation in ice and water to separate (sieve) trichomes from plant material, before straining the trichomes from the water. Using a series of mesh screens measured by microns, it allows us to separate and isolate trichomes by size. It’s a fairly simple process of mechanical separation, adding a modern influence to the time honored traditions of hashish refinement.


Working with more than 40 Emerald triangle farms has allowed Papa’s Select to showcase cannabis from all over their region’s diverse micro-climates and terroirs. We have the unique ability to test each genetic strain at multiple locations and under varying growing practices to discover which combination allows those specific genetic traits to develop to the utmost of their ability. This requires tireless hours of research and working hand-in-hand with their farm partners to produce unparalleled products. They are committed to working with the finest sun-grown craft cannabis cultivators, building instead a culture of community, rather than a single-source brand.


They select their partner farms not only for their cannabis strain offerings but also for their growing practices and methods. They, at Papa’s Select, understand the culture and lifestyle that many of these small local farms have created in Humboldt. It is their mission to honor our farmers’ expertise by producing premium, small-batch concentrates that exemplify the quality of this starting material.


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